Being the Ultimate Coach

Being the best coach out there is not all about winning strategies. They carry no value if your players are unable to execute or even remember them. Here are a 5 easy ways to become the ultimate coach.

Listen to your Players

One aspect of any great coach is that they listen to what their players have to say. You may have a brilliantly devised strategy but if your players can improve on it, let them do so. Do not let your ego get in the way; listen to your players.
If you have devised an interesting training routine that your players cannot do and complain about, listen to them. Do not force them to do the training routine as they may lose respect for you.
Use New Training Techniques

At one time, the training techniques you use now were new and experimental training techniques. If new training techniques have become available, don’t be afraid to move away from the norm and use them.


Not every team is the same as the last team you coached. They may have different lifestyles and different needs. A good coach adapts to those needs rather than force his or her players. If the majority of your players are academically brilliant, do not compromise their education for training. Adapt to their timetable and set up a new schedule.

Put your Foot Down

Unfortunately, if you become too nice a coach, your players may take advantage of you. Sometimes, it is important to put your foot down. If your players are being lazy and you know they have the potential to do more, ensure they do more. Do not just let them slack off.
If your players have an idea that will win the game, listen to them. However, implementing it is your choice. If you feel that the idea or strategy will not work, do not use it. Remember, you are wiser than your players considering the amount of experience you have, let it guide your judgment.
Win or Lose, Always Encourage your Players

It is important to always encourage your players to do their best no matter what. After a defeat, they may feel down. As the coach, it is your duty to keep their spirits up and encourage them to do better. If they won, make sure you celebrate your victory to ensure their efforts do not go unrewarded.

Cost of Hiring a Coach

If you have decided to take on tennis professionally, then money should not stop you from accomplishing your goal. Hiring a paid coach or a mentor could be expensive and you need to consider if it fits in your budget. It you should come to a temporary shortage in your budget you may want to stretch it out a bit, and we can only recommend for that. You can take out a loan of up to $1000 which you pay back with your next pay cheque (so it’s not a solution for deeper lying money problems).

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