Golf Training/Workout

Many people don’t even consider golf a proper “sport,” much less a demanding physical activity. Many people think it is not much more of a sport than playing your favourite slot games in online casinos. The fact of the matter is, golf can be as physically demanding as you make it.

When played on a level comparable to the effort put forth by pros like Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie, golf requires aerobic fitness, flexibility, strength, and a healthy body weight. Here are some quick tips for improving your performance in these four fitness categories.

0831_mf0511_longballgolfwkt_10Aerobic Fitness. Playing a solid 18 holes of golf requires aerobic fitness, especially if you opt to walk and carry your own clubs rather than ride in a golf cart or use a caddy. Boost your aerobic fitness by doing regular cardio exercise, such as running.

Flexibility. A proper golf swing involves the entire body, not just the arms and shoulders. You need to have good flexibility in your lower body in order to twist through the swing. Pay special attention to your hamstrings and lower back, and always stretch before playing.

Strength. Muscle fatigue will destroy your golf swing if you let it. In order to prevent this, you should do golf-specific strength training to build muscles in your arms, shoulders, and back. Don’t forget exercises to strengthen your grip too.

Healthy Body Weight. If you are significantly overweight, chances are this will impact the mechanics of your golf swing. Therefore, maintaining a healthy diet and staying in shape are crucial to your golf game.

You can find specific tips and workouts for these four golf fitness categories on TV shows like Golf Fitness Academy.

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